3 Best Ways to Stimulate the Lymphatic System


The lymphatic system’s primary job is to expel toxins from your body. Here are the 3 best ways to stimulate that system:

  1. FAR INFRARED SAUNA—This is a passive form of sweating, meaning you really didn’t do anything to get the sweat but it’s ok, your body will still reap the benefits anyway. Significantly different than a sauna in one way, the rays penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue releasing more of the toxins our bodies store, sending it through the lymphatic system and out the skin.
  2. BIKRAM YOGA—It’s serious and not for the faint of heart. Want a good sweat? Bikram boasts a 90-minute class (where you are unable to leave for any reason) in temperatures hovering over 105 degrees with 60% humidity. The benefits they say are best when practiced three times weekly. Oy vey!
  3. DRY SKIN BRUSHING—What!? Many health food stores carry a bristle brush specifically designed for brushing the skin. Being that the lymphatic system’s primary function is to rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials, it would be prudent for us to keep it healthy … and draining!

Fun fact:  The lymphatic system flows only in one direction—upward toward the neck—within its own system.

Written by Laura Bushey, MAT, Certified Health Educator and Personal Holistic Chef with Kitchen of Life. To find out more helpful tips find us at: www.facebook.com/kitchenoflifewellness.

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