5 Worst Eating Habits for Your Skin


1. Dairy—Clogs the lymphatic system, increases mucous production in the lining of the soft tissue. The result? Dull, dry and clogged skin.

2. Eliminating healthy fats—Skin requires essential fatty acids to maintain hydration. Healthy fats such as omega-3s and 9s help prevent wrinkles, inflammation, dry skin and acne. Carbohydrates don’t sustain for energy, but rather deplete. The best sustenance for energy: fats.

3. Sugar—Highly inflammatory and can throw off insulin levels. Body works in overdrive trying to keep you “stable.” Some studies show that insulin may play a role in acne.

4. Grilled meats—The heat from the grill causes a chemical reaction and is linked to oxidative stress and inflammation that can make your skin look ruddier, duller and more wrinkled, potentially leading to damaged collagen and elastin.

5. Dehydration—(Lack of water, alcohol consumption, caffeine and salt intake) Since we’re 90% water, we need to maintain that level of liquid. Ever forgot to water your plants? They wilt. Well, the same can be said for our skin. Deplete it of water and the necessary nutrients that come with hydration, and your skin’s fine lines and wrinkles will become magnified! All of the aforementioned pulls water from your skin as a last resort. Result? Premature aging!

Feed your skin by nourishing it instead!

Written by Laura Bushey, MAT, Certified Health Educator and Personal Holistic Chef with Kitchen of Life. To find out more helpful tips find us at: www.facebook.com/kitchenoflifewellness.


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