Watermelon Wednesday: Bite-size Possibilities!

It’s the perfect time of year to work watermelon into your diet. It’s hydrating and delicious!

Some of my initial interest in real foods and healthful cooking started with my exposure to Chad Sarno.

These photos are a throwback to the opportunity she had to prepare one of his signature dishes with him at his raw food demonstration at Hippocrates Health Institute.

Shown here are watermelon tots.

Sarno’s recipe, courtesy of hotchefscoolkitchen.com:

Chile, lemon zest, mint and smoked salt
1/2 small, yellow seedless watermelon (can use seeded, but will be more work removing seeds.)
1/2 red seedless watermelon
3 lemons
1/4 cup mint leaves, minced
1 tablespoon sweet smoked paprika
1 tablespoon dried chile threads (can be purchases at Asian market in spice section), chopped.
2 teaspoons smoked fine salt (chardonnay smoked fleur de sel is best option from Salt Works Co.)
Apple corer

Slice the watermelon in large, even-sided blocks, removing the skin. Using the apple corer cut the watermelon to form 3-4
inch cylinder shapes, slice in half or thirds to 1 1/2 inch small cylinders (the size of a tater tot). Set aside. Zest all 3 lemons
with microplane zester and place in small bowl with minced mint leaves, paprika, dried chile threads, and smoked salt. Gently toss all ingredients together. Gently roll the watermelon tots in the spice mix for a light coat. Place toothpicks in and
serve as a refreshing canapé.

For more photos, visit Kitchen of Life’s facebook page.





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