We educate, instruct, speak and consult.

We’ve specifically developed our educational tools and resources to provide you with information to empower you to regain your health, your independence and the confidence to achieve your personal health goals.

Whether your goal is to reverse the symptoms of disease or thwart the onset we are here to help.

You can choose to take advantage of our custom, one-on-one in-home personal chef and health coach service. Or teach yourself and explore new possibilities. My goal is to help make it easy, fun and delicious for you to transform your health and wellbeing through food.

We also:

  • Speak at a variety of venues
  • Cater events
  • Offer cooking demonstrations and classes
  • Provide consultation services for other holistic practitioners seeking to expand and enhance their business.

We also have a variety of vetted resources on our site including:

  • Tutorials and informational videos
  • Blogs on the most recent trends and health news
  • Healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy…one bite at a time!
  • Vegan recipes, gluten free recipes and plant based recipes

Our Services

Personalized Health Coach and Signature In-Home Hands-On Nutrition + Cooking Program

We understand that every person’s lifestyle, abilities, needs and health are different. That’s why we offer personalized health coaching. It’s also why our In-Home Education Program is coupled with hands-on help in the kitchen to prep you for a new beginning!

Our comprehensive program ensures that you are set up for success to meet your personal health goals and tackle even your greatest health challenges.

From understanding the basics of nutrition and food prep, to meal planning, shopping, knowing how to read labels and managing your health through food, our compassionate health educators are here to guide and empower you to activate your optimal wellness and achieve vibrant health.

If you’re open to trying new things and see the “challenge” of transforming your diet and lifestyle as an opportunity to feel incredible and discover delicious new options, then our program is for you!

We never force any foods or changes on our clients and don’t require that you become “full raw” or vegan/vegetarian.

We will educate you on the potential benefits of making changes to your lifestyle and help you try new things and learn new ways to consider, buy, prepare and enjoy food! You go as far or as “intense” as you are comfortable with.

While from the outside, many people consider this kind of service to be a luxury, our clients can attest that the results in their health and lifestyle are priceless. After all, what is the cost of good health? What could you save in time, medical bills and worry? What do you gain in piece of mind, energy, and being able to live your life with more ease and enjoyment?

We are called Kitchen of Life, because we know that the opportunity to live our best lives truly begins in the kitchen, and we are passionate about helping others achieve theirs!

Speaking Engagements:

Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event, workshop or retreat? One of our charismatic health educators would love to speak to your group. We offer over 25 different health topics, from what’s in the “food news” to what belongs on our plate!

Contact us today for more information. If our current topics don’t speak to your needs, we can create something just for your group!

Raw/Plant Based/Vegan/WholeFoods Demonstrations and Classes:

Looking to share some knowledge and know how about preparing healthy, delicious food with your team, organization or event guests?

Let us bring our kitchen to yours! Our classes and demos will have everyone engaged, learning, eating and, most importantly, having a great time together.

Nutritious & Delicious Catering:

Are you planning an event, reception or retreat, or are you interested in hosting a private party, company lunch, or event to draw people to your business?

Your own personal chef, Laura Garwood, can prepare a variety of dishes to satisfy almost any group. We can accommodate a wide range of dietary needs and allergies, and we’ll customize your menu and guarantee your guests will be both surprised and delighted.

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