Why Kitchen of Life?

Because your health starts in the kitchen. Let me be your helping hand to take you to the next level!  Enjoy mouthwatering recipes that are simple and easy to make. Eliminate the guesswork in planning your meals while maximizing your nutritional intake.

Once I teach you a system, nourishing yourself will be second nature!

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

  • Skin conditions such as eczema, candida or psoriasis
  • Poor digestion, bloating, constipation, IBS
  • Extreme late afternoon fatigue
  • Painful joints and swelling
  • Regular headaches or migraines
  • Intense cravings for sugar or sweets
  • Being overweight and feeling sluggish
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Yeast or vaginal imbalances
  • Low libido
  • Dull looking skin and brittle hair

How would you like to:

  • Experience changes in trouble areas
  • Have hydrated and radiant skin
  • Notice a difference in hair growth and texture
  • Sleep through the night
  • Wake up feeling rested
  • Eliminate the need for caffeine to get you going each morning
  • Eliminate the afternoon pick-me-up
  • Slash fatigue and foggy thinking.
  • Dump the medications
  • Naturally combat headaches and migraines
  • Wash away anxiety or feeling overwhelmed
  • Prep your meals faster and more efficiently
  • Cook honest and healthy meals without all the taboo ingredients like gluten, dairy, and soy.
  • Know what-to-eat-when for optimal results
  • Kick the bad habits

Good News: If you’re seeking a “healthier you” or are fed up with the current state of your body and health.

What you consume
can have a huge impact!

It’s really very simple. Research has shown that when you add more plant based foods to your life, you reduce the risk of certain diseases. Or how about just wanting more energy, softer skin, clearer thinking, less bloat and weight loss!

Diet and lifestyle choices affect our bodies at the cellular level necessary for rebuilding and repair. Nutrient dense plant-based foods provide vital elements such as fiber, antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients and more so that our bodies function at their best.

A whole foods, plant based diet also helps promote good gut bacteria naturally (the same that are promoted in yogurt and probiotics), support our immune system, and keep our bodies free of bad bacteria and toxins and flare-ups.

Missing the old you? Tired of that person you see in the mirror each day? Well, then take control of your destiny now! Step into the driver’s seat and learn to eat what’s right for you…

At Kitchen of Life, we teach and empower. I help you to discover the blueprint needed to live a healthy and vibrant life with a plant based, whole foods “foundation”. Kitchen of Life does not put you on a diet but rather invites you to entertain a lifestyle change through nutritionally based, natural, whole foods.

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Taking control of your health
is a big decision.

You do not have to make
this decision alone.

I coach people who don’t like or know how to cook and teach them how to make a healthy recipe in less than 20 minutes.

I coach people who want to transition from an on-the-run processed diet to a satisfying plant based diet, in a way that works. I give you a plan of action.

I coach people who are fed up with misinformation and confusing dietary fads. I demystify the marketing ploys and fear-based hype by offering the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to eating right.

I coach people who are left with unanswered questions about how they feel despite stellar work-ups and labs.

No more “diets”, gimmicks, marketed products or calorie counting.

I know everyone’s taste are different which is why I don’t expect you to be like everyone else. Every recipe plan is tailored to your life, lifestyle, budget and palette.

Book a strategy session with me and find your way back to the kitchen.

If any of these sound like you…

  • You’re confused in the grocery store
  • You’re not sure what to eat or how to prepare certain foods
  • You’re bored with cooking or don’t make it a priority
  • You need a jumpstart or a check in
  • You don’t understand what the best foods for health are
  • You’re stuck because you’ve been told you’re on the verge of disease
  • You can’t shake feeling ill
  • You’ve had a sudden or inexplicable change in how you feel
  • Your health is declining faster than your age…

If you are seeking answers to any of the above I am your woman!

Kitchen of Life can help you turn your frustration and confusion into a new lifestyle full of vibrant health! Nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Ready to take control of your health
and start feeling incredible?

Let’s get to work.
There are 3 ways to work with me.

Single Session

During our 90 minute session,
I will dive deep into your goals.

You will get:
  • a 3-day juice cleanse with survival guide
  • Tips to improve belly bloat, fatigue, drying aging skin
  • How to eat healthy while dining out

A great beginning step into healthy living. This option is simple and easy to do especially when you are super busy.

30-Day Reboot

During the 30 days, I will dive deep into your goals to target your need areas.

You will get:
  • 2- 50 Minute sessions
  • Access to my Signature Reboot, Detox and allergy elimination program and signature recipe guide
  • Unlimited Emails and Text Support
  • Recorded Skype calls
  • Detailed Notes for you

90-Day Wellness

During our 90-days session you will get:

  • A one time 90 Minute Discovery and Inquiry
  • 60 minute call to discuss Plan-of-Action one week later
    1. 2- 30 minute support check in’s each month (including first month!)
    2. Access to my signature Reboot, Detox and Allergy elimination program
    3. Access to my signature wellness handouts
    4. 1 Program complete with meal planning guide, recipes and grocery shopping lists
    5. Unlimited Emails and Text Support
    6. Recorded Skype calls

If you have been sick
and struggling with your health for ages,
contact me about my signature IN-home program.

Additional services:

  • Kitchen Essentials Makeover
  • Grocery Shopping tour
  • Cooking classes in my home or yours!
  • In-home cooking and coaching
  • An Evening of Mocktails/Cocktails


I develop  system for you to follow based on your goals, stress levels and also if you cook or eat out. I develop plans and progarms for my clients thsat are unique for you based on yor life.

A: A health educator is someone who teaches people about behaviors that promote wellness, and develops and implements strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities.

Kitchen of Life’s health educators share health and wellness concepts through nutrition. Our health educators are all versed in the same intensive curriculum, and science backs our beliefs about the many benefits of plant-based foods.

We leave out dietary fads and marketed products. Instead, we balance a happy marriage between a plant based, whole foods lifestyle, and the more mainstream standard American diet.

All of Kitchen of Life’s health educators have studied and trained at The Hippocrates Health Institute and hold a consistent set of ideals.

Hippocrates Health Institute is a holistic retreat and educational center that has built its reputation based on healing individuals through diet and lifestyle. In order to appeal to wider audience but still keep with the success of the HHI protocol, The Kitchen of life recipe book was specifically designed to appeal to the more Americanized palette.

Our recipes incorporate a healthy concept using decadent and gourmet flavors paired with nutritious ingredients to create delicious and healthy meals.

There are more than 100 recipes in the program meant for all levels offering a variety of flavors, textures and ingredients. The food pairings are designed for both health and taste and leave you in the driver’s seat so you can enjoy every bite!

A: My philosophy is that living foods have the ability to both heal and nourish, and we have the experience, education and results to prove it!

Our health begins in the kitchen, and what we eat has the power to bring us incredible healing and vitality.

From a renewal of our relationship with our food and our bodies, we have the ability to create new found life and well being for ourselves, hence the name, Kitchen of Life.

For more answers to frequently asked questions click HERE to go to our FAQs page.

Kitchen of Life is not a medical practitioner.

All Kitchen of Life services introduce the you to an overall lifestyle change. Our education and curriculum promote the health benefits of a more natural diet while eliminating foods considered detrimental to the body. Kitchen of Life can assist with reversing the symptoms that potentially mark the onset for disease.

Kitchen of Life is not a health care provider and in no way is mean to supplant your medical treatment, diagnosis or care. Kitchen of life and its health educators do not provide medicine, medical diagnosis, care or treatment.

Kitchen of Life makes no promises to cure disease nor do we make any promises to prevent disease. Kitchen of Life’s mission is to offer a guided, holistic approach to health and wellness that starts in the kitchen.

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