Smoky Vegan Butternut Squash Soup


Our smoky vegan butternut squash soup is rich in flavor and intensity minus all the bad stuff! It’s vegan preparation is boasting with autumn flair and a hint of smoke. What else does it have? Phytochemicals and antioxidants too that your body will love you for.

Having grown up in New England I occasionally miss those days where the smell of logs burning in the fireplace would waft through the air. My current north Florida weather is chilly this time of year, but not in comparison to those single digit days up north.  This soup is a perfect complement to a cold winter day regardless of your geographical location or weather!

Bon Appetit!


1 medium sized sweet onion

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 can organic pumpkin pie mix

1 lg. organic red apple peeled, cored and chopped

Two 10 oz. bags frozen butternut squash

48 oz. container veggie broth

½ cup dry sherry wine, port or vermouth

¼ c. toasted pumpkin seed oil plus some for drizzle

1 tsp. smoked salt and some for sprinkle

¼ tsp. cayenne (1/8 tsp. for less heat)

½ tsp. organic powdered cinnamon

1 bulb garlic roasted (approx.. 8-12 cloves)

handful raw pumpkin seeds (garnish)

First Steps

As an in-home personal chef I see the difficulties individuals face when preparing meals, so my methods here are very specific.


  1. Have all your ingredients out on your counter.
  2. Make sure you have measuring cups and measuring spoons alongside your ingredient list.
  3. You’ll need one large pot for soup and 1 blender.
  4. Turn oven on to 350 degree F.
  5. Chop top off of garlic bulb exposing the interior of the cloves. Set bulb in aluminum foil and lightly drizzle olive oil over top. Fold aluminum foil over garlic bulb and bake for 30-45 min. (If you can’t squish the cloves they’re not done; if they’re brown they’re overcooked and likely to taste bitter)
  6. Once done set aside, open aluminum foil and let cool.


Food prep:


  1. Chop onion and apple that has been peeled and cored
  2. Heat 1 Tbs. olive oil in large pot
  3. Add onions and sauté until translucent
  4. Add wine and turn heat on high to reduce the alcohol (2-3 min)
  5. Lower heat and add veggie broth
  6. Add can of pumpkin, frozen butternut squash, apple, cayenne & cinnamon. Once soup begins to boil turn off.
  7. Once garlic is roasted and has cooled enough for touch, squeeze each clove out of its papery shell and into the pot of soup.
  8. Blend in a blender.
  9. Add the toasted pumpkin seed oil and smoked salt.
  10. Serve in medium sized bowls and top with another drizzle of pumpkin oil and garnish with raw pumpkin seeds.

Please note that this recipe is inspired by Chad Sarno’s recipe found in Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen.  The recipe has been adapted from its original version.


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