Optimal Digestion Tips


Need a tip or two to help understand how to get rid of that gas and bloating? We’ve got some fairly easy ones to follow. Hey? Want a perfect functioning digestive system? There are food combining rules (that work quite well I might add) but we’ll save that for another blog. But with these tips you shouldn’t need to unzip those pants after dinner!

Enjoy these helpful anti-gas, anti-bloating tips!

-Do not drink water 1/2 hour before meals and 1/2 hour after meals. Water dilutes digestive enzymes. This is when your water is working against you!  But, hey, you must drink tons of it in between meals.

-Quit the obvious bad habits….

-Chew your food thoroughly. Hey! Have you heard, “drink your solids; chew your liquids”? In other words stimulate those digestive enzymes that start with the salivary glands in the mouth and chew your food to a pulp and give that pancreas a break! Don’t eat like a shark!

-Wait to eat 3 hours between each meal. Allow for complete digestion but don’t get too hungry where your blood sugar drops and you begin seeking a “pick-me-up”. How difficult is it to get off that bandwagon?

-Don’t stuff yourself! If you feel full you are full!

-Remove animal products from the diet. They are exceptionally hard to digest because they lack water and fiber. Many animal products are also replete with chemicals…and they stink coming out!

-Eliminate all processed foods from the diet. Processed foods are major digestive stressors and wreak havoc on the digestive system. They do not contain nutrients!

-Eat slowly and mindfully.

-Eliminate caffeine; don’t freak out…it’s just because it’s really dehydrating

-Eliminate sugar as it acts an immune suppressor. It serves NO purpose in your life.

-Do a parasite cleanse. There are many effective and mild ones on the market…just in case!

-Do a candida cleanse (many people with poor digestive systems also have candida).

-Have a colonic or perform an enema…it’s not as bad as you think!

-Eat mono- meals every now and then. That means eating one food type per meal.

-Give your digestion a rest by fasting one day a week (with supervision from a certified health professional, of course).


A diet that truly optimizes digestion is one that is abundant in water, enzymes, and essential micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals) that are highly nourishing, cleansing and healing. A raw, vegan alkaline diet meets this criteria! On a raw diet many individuals find that their once weak, damaged body becomes cleaner, healthier, and more efficient at absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste. The result – they feel great and have reduced and/or eliminated many nagging symptoms that they weren’t able to eradicate with a traditional diet or pharmaceutical drugs.

Tips brought to you by Laura Bushey, M.A.T., Certified Health Educator through the Hippocrates Health Institute out of West Palm Beach, FL

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