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Opt-in Freebie Thank You

Hey, friend!

You’re in! Thanks so much for signing up for this quick and easy 4-Day Jumpstart. I’m excited to get you glowing again!
Cleansing the body to feel more alive, have better sleep, less bloat and reduce stress is my gift to you.

To get started, download your material:

You will find your Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists inside the document.

Please Note:

  • This is your divine jumpstart.
  • You can exchange meals.
  • You can add healthy choices of protein to any meal.
  • If you decide to go grain free and bean free, like a paleo detox, simply exchange any meals that have beans or grains with a soup and salad.
  • Eat when hungry.
  • Nourish yourself with lots of love and enjoy.
  • Cleansing is an opportunity to renew and recharge.

Here are my simple suggestions:

  1. I suggest looking through the guide, as this provides you with a day by day suggested meals for your program.
  2. Look at the suggested meals and note what you need to buy for this program from the shopping list.
  3. You will find the link to join the Jumpstart Facebook Group to make this program pleasurable.
  4. You can add protein to any meal, choose from a variety of snacks in your Recipe Guide and detox without deprivation.
  5. Remember to drink plenty of water as it’s vital for eliminating waste!
  6. If you have limited time to cook, you can batch cook a few days’ worth of meals to make your life easy throughout this program.

I’m excited for you!

Bon appétit,

Laura Bushey


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