Why do I have bad body odor during a detox?

Why do I have bad body odor during a detox?


There’s a reason for your bad body odor when detoxing! If your body is burdened with excess chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria or fungus or a build up of excess uric acid from a standard American diet your body is going to find a way to excrete those toxins by way of sweat and/or through sweat glands found in the armpits and groin area. There are many other signs that your body is trying to cleanse itself but this article focuses strictly on body odor.


Even without a detox, your body is always trying to naturally excrete toxins but it may need a boost. The body is always trying to maintain a state of homeostasis – a body in balance. By embarking on a “detox” you’re essentially giving your body an enhancement in cleansing itself. A detox is merely a simplistic way of saying “out with the old, in with the new.” By engaging in a detox we are stopping the assault on the body (usually by way of ingesting or surgically removing toxins from our body like mercury fillings and even implants) and deliberately ingesting the nutrients our body needs to run at an optimal level.


Body odor can come in various forms – bad breath, elimination and sweat. We often think of the colon when we think of detoxes or cleanses, but in reality the skin is our largest excretory organ. It eliminates far more toxins than the colon alone and it does it through sweat. Want to stimulate a faster detox, begin sweating with exercise or a sit in a far infrared sauna. A far infrared sauna is different than a sauna you might find at a gym. FIR saunas are heated to about 110º F and the far infrared light goes deeper into the muscle tissue releasing more toxins like mercury and lead.


How to get rid of that nasty body odor? Well, first of all patience and persistence. It didn’t take a day to build up so it won’t take a day to go away. There are a few good practices listed below to get not only your intimate areas cleaned up but your colon (waste) and bad breath too.


Keep in mind, the level of toxicity usually pops up in your weakest of physical attributes. For instance, some people get migraines after a simple encounter with a chemical smell. That is just enough to trigger a migraine while others bathe in chemically scented lotions and cosmetics and are completely unaffected. As a general rule, people will experience headaches during a detox as toxins release from the brain whereas some people break out in skin rashes in places where the toxins have deposited under the skin (in the lymph nodes) and in body fat. All in all, the waste eventually comes out over a period of time depending on how quickly or not so quickly your body detoxes, how long you’ve been carrying the toxins (body burden) and what you may have been exposed to as a child.


Top 5 ways to effectively eliminate body odor:


  1. Stop eating meat and animal products. Meat and animal products like dairy and cheese wreak havoc on the body. Dairy is acidic and mucous forming and loves to stagnate a lymphatic system. Meat is also acidic and hard to digest, sits in the colon feeding bacteria and parasites. It’s rife with chemicals especially from livestock fed grain feed and injected with preventative veterinary care due to illnesses found on traditional feed lots (cramped conditions). Looking to assist with detoxification…avoid all meat.


  1. Ingest as many greens as possible or take liquid chlorophyll. Greens are incredibly alkaline. All leafy greens, exotic greens, and just about anything found in the grocery store in the produce section are nourishing to the body and contain a high fiber count needed for swift elimination. Be sure to buy organic. It’s not just about pesticides but veggies get their nutrients from soil! You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of healthy when your waste no longer has a foul odor. Not possible? Trying eating raw and living foods for about 6 weeks and you’ll notice the difference.


  1. Eat raw garlic. But garlic makes me stink! No, actually it doesn’t. If you have body odor or bad breath it’s not the garlic. It means you’re still in an acidic (not alkaline) state and you’ve got more work to do. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antifungal. It’s an incredible choice when detoxing. Want to assist the liver…add a few slices of apple to a clove or two of garlic. You’ll be amazed at the difference


  1. Sweat. Sweat is a great way to expedite the removal of toxins. Make sure to continuously wipe your skin down when sweating so as to not reabsorb the toxins. Also, make sure there are no lotions on your body to inhibit this natural process of elimination.


  1. Hydrate. Water on a detox is essential. Drink half your body weight in ounces. On a detox 50% of your water may come from distilled water. The other 50% should be highly filtered water not found in plastic bottles as plastic leaches endocrine disrupting chemicals. Remember, stop the onslaught!

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