10 Reasons to Start Your Day with Lemon Water


Do you wake up each morning feeling like you got up on the wrong side of the bed?

By simply adding lemon water to your morning routine you are setting yourself up for a better day.

Think we’re going to take your coffee away? Think again.

We just ask if you could do this for yourself each and every morning. Then, go ahead and make your coffee!

Let’s start out first by recognizing all the health benefits to drinking lemon water:

1. Lemon water aids in detoxification. Yep, it’s true. Want to kick it up a notch (thanks, Emeril!), just add 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to 12 oz. lemon water. Why? It opens the circulatory system and alkalinizes the bodily fluids by increasing the rate of detoxification. Easy peasy!

2. Balances pH. What’s so important about pH? Well, a healthy body loves a higher pH, such as 7.3, which means it rests on the alkaline side (neutral is 7.0). Anything less than 7.0 means it is moving toward an acidic level. Although lemons contain citric acid, once metabolized in the body it acts as an alkaline food! Well, Hallelujah!

3. Helps in weight loss. Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which help curb hunger. Bingo!

4. Aids in digestion. Take 30 minutes before most meals with a digestive enzyme to empty the stomach and activate digestive function. Efficient digestion reduces heartburn and constipation. Hint, hint: Set down those antacids please.

5. Is a natural diuretic. Lemons increase the rate of urination therefore cleansing the body of toxins at a faster rate. OK, OK, I know this one is pushing it.

6. Contain polyphenols, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer molecules.

7. Enhances the skin. Lemons contain Vitamin C, which assist with repairing tissues associated with the skin.

8. Boosts the immune system. Lemons are high in Vitamin C and are great for eliminating colds. They are also high in potassium, which stimulates nerve and brain function.

9. Freshens Breath. Applied directly on the gums it can eliminate gingivitis. An alkaline body also eliminates breath odors.

10. Relieves respiratory problems. Lemon water consumed at room temperature can help get rid of chest infections. It is helpful for people with asthma and allergies too.

Sound promising? It is! The benefits are amazing! Trust us.

What’s next? Well, we just can’t help ourselves. We really don’t know how to tell you this but if you want to continue to have your morning coffee, please do so but be aware that you could be making better choices for detoxification and health. Keep in mind we’re human, too. We drink coffee, but this is how we do it and we thought we’d help you too! When we DO detox, we’re smart enough to scrap our morning coffee!


A few Kitchen of Life pointers about coffee:

1. If you like synthetic, toxic pesticides you’ll LOVE coffee. Sorry to knock you off your seat. Coffee beans are one of the dirtiest crops out there (aside from soy and corn). If you love dark roasted beans (we’ll pass on the Starbucks, thank you) try purchasing fair-trade, organically grown coffee either online or in your local grocery or health food store. The flavor? The same.

2. If you have major health issues, you may want to scrap the coffee altogether—or—at least for a little while. Through the drying and fermentation process, coffee can contain aflatoxins (mold that your liver doesn’t really care for). The only way to avoid this dilemma is to stop drinking coffee altogether. Not there yet? Well, read on then.

3. Coffee is HIGHLY acidic. No, it’s not the garlic or onions that gave you heartburn, silly! It’s the coffee. Coffee especially on an empty stomach turns the acidity up a decibel or two … thousand! But WAIT! Before you jump to taking antacids. Don’t! Just eat some wholesome, plant-based foods to turn that acidic tummy a little more alkaline. Ahh, simple trick.

4. Got sugar and creamer? If you like black coffee, then ignore this tip, but if you like your coffee to taste like ice-cream or pie like we do then, here are some sneaky tricks to get your dirty coffee a little cleaner! If you’re used to artificial sweeteners try Stevia. The aftertaste is the same as those artificial sweeteners just minus the chemicals wreaking havoc on your brain! I’m picky, too, and big on flavor so this is my personal suggestion. I’m not saying it’s the best just that I like the taste of this one the best: Pure brand organic Stevia.

Got milk? Not here! Since I personally love the flavor of a creamy coffee, what I make is way better than half-and-half. I will not tell a lie. It’s my very own coconut creamer. I cannot recommend plant-based, store-bought creamers, as many contain a gut-inflammatory thickening agent called carrageenan.

5. The final cup. Here’s an easy-peasy recipe for a delicious and simple coconut creamer.

Ingredients: (the organic brand Native Forest I believe has the best flavor)

1 can full-fat coconut milk (your body will like this fat much better than the alternative, but still fat is fat so don’t overdue it, like with 10 cups of coffee!)

1 can lite coconut milk

Heat on stove (don’t boil)

Whisk together.

Let cool

Run through a sieve into a glass pour pitcher and cover.

Voila! Dee-licioius coconut creamer.

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