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All of Kitchen of Life’s health educators have studied and trained at Hippocrates Health Institute and utilize a core set of nutrition standards and ideals, however each health educator has their own personal style and approach to living optimally well.

All of our health educators have a personal story that has led them to this field. In order to adequately and confidently serve others, all Kitchen of Life health educators have received their certification through Hippocrates Health Institute. Hippocrates Health Institute is a holistic retreat that has built its reputation based on healing individuals through diet and lifestyle.

While we all promote a plant based, whole foods diet, we do not require our clients to maintain a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet. We believe in helping our clients and community achieve the results in their health and lifestyle without losing their sense of enjoyment of food and their lives! The goal of our program is not to take food away, but to enlighten you to the idea that foods for optimal health are out there and can actually taste good and be simple to prepare!

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Healthy eating is easy with Laura Bushey and Kitchen of Life!

Laura Bushey

serving St. John’s County

Kitchen of Life Health Educator Melissa Yale

Melissa Yale

Boynton Beach
serving Palm Beach & Broward County

Kitchen of Life Health Educator Juliana De Luca Jordani

Juliana De Luca Jordani

serving Palm Beach & Broward County

New Jersey

Marisa Silverstein

serving Bergen County

South Africa

Noreen Botha of Choose Life

Noreen Botha

contact Choose Life and Wellness Emporium

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